We are performing the design of machinery , equipment and turn key plants, with our planning and projecting teams according to the rules of developed technology. Before and after accomplishment of the Projects by the contribution of our RD teams, efficient rigid and durable products are manufactured.


Bilim Makina at NOSAB – Bursa Industrial Destruct on 4 parcels of 30.000 m² closed and 25.000 m² open area produces steel fabrication, developed technological products and machinery, with its, sophisticated machine park with CNC machine tools, laser cutting machines and sheet metal working machinery.


Produced machinery and equipment at Bilim workshops re mounted at site with the oversize productions made at site, with our 1000 persons workforce and 50 engineers. In the mean time our civil Works team complete, substructure, foundation and production building with its broad and diversified machine park.


We are proud of accomplishing 11 big projects in Europe, Middle East and Asia, together with more than 100 machinery and equipment. We perform also electric and automation erection with our technicians and engineers.


  • BTSO "We Got The Prize for Those Adding Value to Economy

    On Dec. 21, 2015  The President  of Bilim Makina  A.Ş.  Mehmet  Cemal Bilim received the prize  of   “ Those adding value to Economy" from our   President  of Republic Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan which was submitted   to  4 big  companies in Bursa / Türkiye 

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    Date: December 29 2015
  • "Elazig Cimento" project towards the end of the factory

    SYCS Elazığ Cement Plant  has been designed and constructed  by  100% Turkish Engineering. Bilim Makina team hasapproached to the end of the Project. Forecast termine is the end of Jan 2016 for commissioning.

    After commissioning the plant will produce 5000 tpd. clinker and 6000 tpd. cement.

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    Date: January 4 2016
  • MEDCEM Commisioning

    Appoximately 1,5 years ago we have started to MEDCEM project and started trial production in July 2015. Medcem is the Biggest capacity cement plant in Turkey with one kiln.

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    Date: December 2 2015
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